Crypt Cards is the first free customizable card game (ccg) where the player can make money customizing the skin of the cards.

A 3D multiplayer digital card game with real-time turn based battles. The game is developed by a small Indie team from different parts of the world.

The goal for the project is to create a fun and interesting game with a strong connection to our community. We want to create the best game possible where the community is involved in shaping the game.

In the same spirit, we also want our users to be able to customize the look and feel of the game by creating their own card skins. Other things we focus on to make the game stick out is support for multiple platforms so the user can play against friends that are not on the same platform as they are.

The game should offer something for everyone so we have developed three different game modes to suit both the casual gamer and the more competitive ones.

How to make money with the game?

When the game is released, Crypt Cards will allow the user to buy and sell skins for their cards. Buying and selling skins will be really easy.

Each month, we will send to the user the money they earn selling their skins to their Paypal account. Crypt Cards will use a small percentage of that money to fund the game.

You can look at this video of what will be the in game shop where the user will be make money!


Crypt Cards is a 3D digital card game. At Beta stage, it already contains some interesting features:

Cryptcards beta screenshot

  • 3D multiplayer digital card game with turn based battles
  • Cross-platform: works on Windows/Mac/Linux/Android so you can use the same account on both your computer and your mobile device
  • Craft and upgrade your own unique cards with thousands of combinations
  • Create your own look and feel with custom card skins
  • In-game market where you can buy and sell custom skins
  • Solo campaign, casual versus mode and ranked versus modeMap
  • Three different Masters to choose from each with his own set of minions and spells
  • Create your own decks from the big card collection and your own crafted cards
  • Free to play
  • In-game shop to buy and sell skins:

Cryptcards beta screenshot 2


Crypt Cards Trailer

Crypt Cards Gameplay Trailer

Crypt Cards Tutorial

Card Skin Market


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System design and Programming: Andreas Toresater, Aperico Software

Music: Nicholas Fisher

2D Art: Ryan Ceaser

Promotion: Carlos Peinado and Marta Alcalde Gea

Sound Effects: Nicholas Fisher

3D Art: Bitgem